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Belu Water Cooler Bottles

Belu Water Bottles

We are pleased to announce our new and exclusive partnership with Belu. 100% of Belu’s profits are donated to WaterAid – the leading international charity working to help the 768 million people worldwide lacking access to safe, clean water. Belu have pledged to give WaterAid £1m by 2020, transforming the lives of over 66,000 of the world’s poorest people.

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Belu Water Cooler Bottles

Belu is the perfect choice for the ethical business owner – by drinking Belu water supplied by Zepbrook, you are directly contributing to a donation to WaterAid. Best of all, 18.9L Belu water bottles from Zepbrook fit on all standard coolers, making the switch to Belu easy. You can also see our full range of water bottles for coolers here:

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Need a Water Cooler?

If you need to install water cooler units at your business premises, it’s not a problem – Zepbrook can provide environmentally friendly refurbished coolers free of charge, on a no-contract basis. Our ‘pay as you go’ model simply requires 30 days’ cancellation notice*.

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Why Choose Zepbrook?

  • We are the exclusive supplier of Belu 18.9L bottles, which fit all standard bottled water coolers.
  • We offer competitive prices and significant discounts for bulk orders across our vast range of products
  • We can provide next day delivery for businesses in the M25 area, and efficient delivery to wider areas of the UK also (contact us for more information regarding delivery times)
  • We are an ethical water cooler supplier, constantly seeking new ways to ensure waste and CO2 reduction
  • Our knowledgeable and professional staff will ensure complete satisfaction for you and your business
  • Ordering is simple – our ISO9001:2000 certification confirms this

Call us today to find out more about our exclusive offers on 020 8752 0110

*A quarterly cooler sanitation fee of £19.50 will apply. No cooler rental charge will apply, unless the customer requests a model other than the complimentary standard, refurbished model. 18.9L Belu bottles cost £6.09 each, plus a returnable deposit of £7 per bottle. A one-off, £35 fee applies to both cooler installation and de-installation. Please contact us for further information.