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Convenient next day delivery

Home delivery for our customers

We are now offering home delivery to help and support workers who are having to stay at home during the current situation.


We are all aware of the problems that shoppers are experiencing in supermarkets. Due to panic buying, many are having to leave without enough basic essentials such as toilet paper, soaps, and other cleaning products.


We are also aware that many of our customers are having to work from home and may need other supplies. So as a temporary measure, we are now setting up new accounts for personal orders and delivering to home addresses.


If this is a service that you, a friend or relative, are interested in please contact us to setup a personal account today!



020 8752 0110


Once your personal account is setup, you will be able to order by email or phone in the usual way – the only difference being that we will require card payment before delivery.

We can help with the following products you may be struggling to find in supermarkets:

  • Toilet Paper

  • Kitchen Rolls & Hand Towels

  • Hand Soaps

  • Cleaning & Disinfectants

  • Cloths, Brushes & Gloves

  • Laundry Products & Washing Up

  • Bottled Water & Soft Drinks

  • Alcohol – Beer, Spirits, Wines & Champagnes

  • Breakfast Cereals & Bars

  • Jams & Spreads

  • Crisps, Snacks & Nuts

  • Biscuits, Chocolates & Confectionery

  • Milks & Whiteners



Terms & Conditions (for personal accounts):

Subject to availability.

Card payment will be required before we can release orders. We will contact you to ask for card payment by phone once your order is received.

We may have to amend your order if too much of one item is requested, depending on our available stock.
In this case, we will always discuss any changes we intend to make to your order, at the time of contacting you to ask for card payment by phone.
You will have the opportunity to cancel your order at that time if it does not still meet your requirement.

We reserve the right to reject orders where it is not practical to deliver.
No orders are confirmed until we contact you by phone to request card payment.

Delivery fees dependant on location.