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How to Plan your Office Party?

How to Plan your Office Party?

Planing an Office Party can be quite exhausting. To make sure everything is covered, we put together a few steps to have into account when jumping into action. By following these steps, you are ensuring that all the details will be ready right on time!

1. What are you Celebrating?

How to plan your Office Party

Decide on the theme: what is the party all about? Is it a Christmas Party, Office Awards, Company Anniversary, or just a random celebration?

2. Where and When?

How to plan your Office Party

Once you know exactly what you´re planning, decide on the best place to organize the event, whether it’s your own Office or in a specific Venue, and also the best time to hold it.

3. Who is the Party for?

How to plan your Office Party

  1. Decide about the people you want to invite. Is it a special event with other business partners or just a casual Office Party with colleagues? Make sure no one is left behind!
  2. How many people are you inviting?
  3. Make all the invitations – whether it’s by email, postcard or even by WhatsApp/text.

4. Plan the Food

How to plan your Office Party

  1. Depending on the kind of event you’re holding, decide on the type of food. Make a list of all the snacks, biscuits and other treats that might please your guests.
  2. Make sure you have food that meets everyone’s taste. Include some alternative options like:

    - Vegetarian

    - Vegans

    - Gluten Free options

5. Decide on the Drinks

How to plan your Office Party

Well, this is a party, right? So apart from water, soft drinks and mixers, why not have some cocktails and spirit drinks? In any case, you can always set a limit of beverages per person.

6. Plan the Entertainment & Decoration

How to plan your Office Party

When it comes to a party, we all want to have fun. So, it’s time to think about all the decorations, music and animation. Try to align it with the theme and if needed hire some entertainment services, or follow our list of suggestions:

  • Karaoke
  • Escape Room
  • Photobooth
  • Bucking Broncos
  • Magician
  • Casino Tables

7. Create your TO-DO-LIST

How to plan your Office Party

To ensure that nothing is forgotten, write down all the tasks that need to be done before, during and after the day. Also, to help you plan the food & drink, check out our Checklist for Office Managers.

8. Capture the moment!

How to plan your Office Party

Make sure you have your camera ready to catch the best moments! Be sure to share the pics and vids with all your guests via social media or private WhatsApp group. And remember to thank everyone for coming too!

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