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CLARITY - Opportunities for Everyone

CLARITY - Opportunities for Everyone

Clarity, established by Elizabeth Gilbert in 1854, is one of the UK’s oldest social enterprises. It’s mission statement was to create employment and to provide training for visionally impaired people. Over time, the mission has been extended to include people with disabilities or who are otherwise disadvantaged.

Clarity’s creates a diverse range of high-quality products with every penny spent with them providing more opportunities and training for people with disabilities. Currently the company employs more than 105 people, 80% of whom are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged and they aim to generate over 60 new job opportunities every year.

However, the benefits to society are much wider and include increased confidence, independence and social inclusion, professional upskilling, health improvements and a reduced burden on family and social services.

We have a number of high-quality Clarity products to choose from, so why don’t you take a look at the range and you can find out how your money can help by watching the video below.

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View CLARITY range “We strongly believe in the important work that CLARITY do, by giving disadvantaged people more opportunities.”
“As soon as we heard about CLARITY, we knew we were going to support their business by introducing their products into our range of office supplies.”

Filipe Ferrao

Filipe Ferrao