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Differences between Ale & Lager

Ale vs Lager

When speaking about beers, there are two main types that cross Britains minds: Ale and Lager. But are you aware of the main differences?

Differences between Ale and Lager:

  Ales Lagers



More than 5000 years

More recent

About 100 years

   Temperature of Fermentation

Relatively Warm

15-25 °C


Less than 10 °C

   Duration of Fermentation Short Long
   Type of Yeasts Top-fermenting Bottom-fermenting

Light pale

Reddish brown

Dark brown

Light to dark



Fruity & Aromatic




   Best served temperature

Not too Cold

± 8-14 °C


± 4-7 °C

Styles of Beers

After analysing the main characteristics of both Ale and Lager, it is relevant to know that within each type, we will find many different styles of beers, but all with similar features according to their type.

Ales range:

  • Stouts
  • Porters
  • IPA’s
  • Wheat Beers
  • Belgian Style Beers
  • Pale ale
  • All other “ale” beers.

Lagers range:

  • Pilsners
  • Dark Lagers
  • German-style Bocks
  • A few other styles.
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FreshEgg Administrator