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Differences between Arabica & Robusta

Arabica vs Robusta

Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta are known as the main coffee species produced all around the world, among more than a hundred different others species.

Coffee Curiosities

  • Arabica beans contain about 60% more fat and almost twice the amount of sugar than Robusta, explaining the sweetness and softer taste
  • Large amounts of Caffeine give coffee a bitter taste
  • Caffeine is known as a powerful insecticide and pest resistant. Therefore, Robusta tend to be easier to grow than Arabica
  • World's most expensive Coffee, known as "Kopi luwak" or even "cat poop coffee", is produced from coffee beans which have first been digested by a cat-like Asian animal, named Palm Civet.

As we can see on the table below, the differences between the two are clear:

  Arabica Robusta

   Caffeine concentration




Sweeter and softer

Fruity, floral & berries

Mild and aromatic

Higher acidity

Biter, harsh, stronger

Burnt tires or rubbery

Lower acidity

   Price ££££ ££ (half price)
   Cultivation 600m – 2200m Sea level – 800m
   Main producers


   Commonly used in…


Instant Coffee

   Worldwide consumption


± 30%

   Coffee beans shape



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