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Billi Tap – Save Time, Energy & Space in the office.

Billi Tap – Save Time, Energy & Space in the office.

In a nutshell, Billi Tap is instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water for the workplace. Billi Tap is known for saving time, space and energy which is why it is the perfect addition to your office. Want to know more? Check out all the detail explained below!

How does it save time?

Boiling Delivery 90-250 cups per hour
Chilled Delivery 60-175 cups per hour
Sparkling Delivery 60-120 cups per hour

The average filled kettle (8 cups) can take up to 10 minutes to boil. If you work that out, that is a maximum of 48 cups an hour. By switching to Billi Tap not only will employees not have to wait for the kettle to boil (saving them a lot of time), but you can also make over double the amount of drinks made in that time too!

Want to see the Billi Tap in action? See video below.

How does it save energy?

Unlike traditional water systems such as kettles and coolers, the Billi Tap uses far less energy meaning it saves you money and uses less Co2.

Having chilled water creates something called waste heat energy. The Billi Tap has heat exchange technology which recovers and re-uses this energy to pre-heat the boiling water, this means there is a significant cost saving. According to Npower, a kettle costs around 2.5 pence to boil. In comparison, a Billi Tap costs around 1.5 pence to boil the same amount of water.

The Billi Tap has an inbuilt 7-day time switch ensuring the system is only running when it is needed, therefore eliminating any out of hours power consumption. There is also an energy saving standby mode which can be selected to activate at any time it is not being used, meaning the Billi Tap will power down to conserve energy.

How does it save space?

With one of the main focuses being on space saving, the Billi Tap is often less than half the size of comparative products. This allow the most economical use of under counter space.

Not only will Billi-Tap save you and your employees time, but it will also save you money and space. It is also available in different colours too, what’s not to love!

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Jodie Willett

Jodie Willett