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BELU – World Water Day 2018

BELU – World Water Day 2018

UN World Water Day, is held annually on 22 March, and focuses world attention on the importance of water. It provides an opportunity for us all to learn more about water related issues and the role we can play in addressing challenges. It’s a day for us to each tell stories behind the staggering statistics, with the goal of inspiring others to act, and to drive progress.

Belu believes there is a better way to do business - that businesses can do more than simply aim to make a profit. They believe that by working together we can all contribute to solving some of the world’s biggest problems at the same time. Specifically, that they can play our part in achieving Global Goal 6 – clean water and sanitation for all – of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to reach the 1 in 3 people on the planet that don't have a decent toilet of their own, and 1 in 9 who don't have clean water close to home.

Belu's carbon emissions reduction:
Carbon emissions reduction

Reducing impact on the environment

The theme of this year’s World Water Day is Nature for Water. As businesses and consumers, Belu is more aware of the need, and feeling more responsibility than ever, to reduce their impact on the environment.

Belu's business model is really simple. They trade through providing mineral water in bottles, filtration systems and carafes to the UK’s hotel restaurant and catering sector. Belu recruits customers who become partners because they're like-minded. Like-minded in that they all believe Belu products must have the best in class environmental credentials - from a minimised footprint by sourcing raw materials in the UK, to making bottles from recycled bottles, to lightweight product design and smart distribution.

Belu trade a product that may cost a tiny bit more, but delivers a far better result in overall value for us all. Because in addition to the improved environmental credentials, together, Belu's outlet and customers are playing their part in helping to make clean water normal for everyone, everywhere, because all of Belu’s profits go to WaterAid.

Belu chooses to give its profits to WaterAid, but this is only possible because of the incredible support and collaboration of the businesses in the UK’s hotel restaurant and catering sector who have actively chosen to make a more ethical choice in their supply chain.


So, on this World Water Day, Belu announce a total of 202,577 lives worldwide have been transformed with clean water through investing their profits into WaterAid, but we first stop to say an enormous thank you to every single business who has chosen Belu. The #BeluWaterStories behind the statistics are those of the lives transformed through a business making a conscious choice to focus on value, or planetary cost in addition to margin.

This year many Belu partners are poised to share their #BeluWaterStories, so following this hashtag may just give you some inspiration on how you could ensure the water service in your business delivers an impact beyond the hydration of the person consuming it in the UK. Some of our partners will talk of the lives transformed as a result of the bottles sold to their customers, some will mention a move to Belu filtration systems.

Stories to inspire you to take a role in achieving Global Goal 6:

Belu's 2030 commitment

As Belu enters their eighth year of investing 100% of their net profits into WaterAid, they remain committed to playing our part in the achievement of Global Goal 6 to ensure water and sanitation for all by 2030 and doing the right thing for your business, and the planet.

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